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Our ERP system can optimise your business with some powerful modules.


Our ERP Offers

In the age of technology, your business should be technologically savvy. That is why we do ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).


Get all your business data in one place and use it to manage and maintain effective customer relationship. With this, you can track & engage in sales.


One of the key functions of your business is systematic and comprehensive recording of financial transactions. Even if you have zero knowledge, this is for you.


HRM is about continous change management of your workforce. What about a central repository where that data is managed efficiently and effectively?

Project Management

You only meet deadlines when you organise through task prioritising and cutting down work to its minimal bits. Detailed progress report is a must have.

VexaPlus ERP

New way of running your business

We are standing by to take your requirements …we even do the installation, configuration and set-up for free..!

Let’s Work Together

It doesn’t matter the type of business you do, or the size of your business, VexaPlus Technologies ERP system is the ultimate deal.

YES! …we build persisitent innovative Business & IT systems ..!

VexaPlus Technologies ERP Agency

…we build persisitent innovative Business & IT systems ..!

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